Comment: golden future ahead for South Yorkshire boxing

Has South Yorkshire ever had a more vibrant boxing scene than today’s?

The area has always had a rich tradition in the ‘sweet science.’

Naseem Hamed was the greatest global talent Sheffield has ever produced and he ruled the world for six years (1995-2001.)

We have also delivered the likes of Clinton Woods, Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, Johnny Nelson and Junior Witter.

They were all a credit to their country and their sport.

But what of today’s crop? Sheffield’s Kell Brook is the IBF welterweight champion of the world and is so explosive that most of the elite athletes in his division appear to be giving him a wide berth.

Doncaster’s Jamie McDonnell is WBA World bantamweight title and looks unstoppable.

Underneath them are a fleet of other champions, all hoping to hit the big time.

But just as importantly the local gyms are heaving with youthful, new talent.

The future looks as bright as the past ever was.