Comic Lenny Henry has a ‘soft spot’ for Doncaster

Lenny Henry
Lenny Henry
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HE’S doing a PhD, learning the piano, preparing for his next Shakespeare production and touring the country so it’s no wonder Lenny Henry says it’s all a bit like “juggling and riding a unicycle”.

The Comic Relief co-founder and star of children’s TV favourite Tiswas is bringing his Pop Life show to the Doncaster Civic on Monday.

Audience members will discover what it was like to be born into a Jamaican household with so many pictures of Elvis on the wall that Lenny thought he was a relative.

They’ll also get to experience Lenny’s piano-playing skills which he’s bringing to the stage for the first time after he started learning alongside his daughter, Billie.

In an exclusive interview, he told the Free Press that he can’t wait to get back to ‘Donny’ - where was once a regular visitor as he performed in Three Of A Kind with Doncaster comic David Copperfield.

He said: “I’ve been to Doncaster a lot and had some really good times there.

“David was always fantastic. He was hilarious and there was never a day that wasn’t just really fun.”

He called for people to come and see his new show which he says has brought him back to his first love of making people laugh.

“I’d love it if people could step away from the TV for a night and come and see the show.

“It is an extraordinary thing when people put money in the till and come to see me perform.”

Lenny Henry is at the Doncaster Civic on Monday at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £24.50 and are available from the Civic on 01302 342349 or at