Column: Planning the '˜best day of your life' is the worst

At first wedding planning sounds so romantic.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 6:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 10:44 am
Dessert served at a wedding.
Dessert served at a wedding.

Finding the rings that will display your love for one another, writing the vows that tie two together as one.

Then there is the showstopping outfits, the special cake and everything else that is supposed to be down-to-the-last-detail perfect to make it the ‘best day of your life.’

That’s the vision peddled by bridal magazines, blogs and every film ever, especially at this time of year when newly engaged couples start to browse for their Big Day.

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The reality is somewhat different.

My fiance and I had barely argued - until I said yes just over a year ago. Things we wouldn’t dream of bickering over before suddenly became unsurmountable problems.

As a foodie I hoped to impress guests with dishes that were classy, but quirky, and crucially costing less than £75 per head. But he worried what the other guests might think of Peruvian lamb or Caribbean curry rather than chicken in white wine sauce.

He wanted to retain some traditions, such as the first dance and speeches, while the thought of everyone’s undivided attention was horrifying to me.

It took weeks to decide on an affordable, yet exotic, honeymoon destination and dress shopping was a disaster - its no fun trekking from Sheffield to York to try on a second hand designer gown which doesn’t fit, while the catty owner suggests coming back ‘when you’ve lost some weight.’

And that was before our venue, The Beauchief Hotel, announced it was to cease trading.

A week of madness followed, with calls to every venue in the city and Peak District in a desperate attempt to find somewhere available on the same day, for the same amount of people, and at the same price.

It was impossible, and on one stressful night I literally begged to call the whole thing off and elope somewhere for a registry office do.

Since then we’ve recovered the mess, but on our terms.

The date, time and location has changed and the ceremony is outside - if it rains, people had best take an umbrella, or else get wet.

Our reception is low key and the food looks set to be a random mish-mash of street cuisines from all over the world. Sorry, Grandma.

The dress? It was the cheapest in the shop, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Life is far too short to fall out or get too stressed over a single - lovely, hopefully - but still only one day.