Colourful bikes go on display to mark Tour of Britain race route

Stage three of the Tour of Britain cycle race was due to come to the Isle this week as the Bells went to press.


The Tour of Britain, known as the Ovo Energy Tour of Britain for sponsorship purposes, is a multi-stage cycling race, conducted on British roads, in which participants race across Great Britain to complete the race in the fastest time.

Reader Patrick Naughton, of Vinegarth in Epworth, took this photo of one of the green bicycles which have been put out on display in villages across the Isle to mark the route.

He said: “There are some truly fabulous designs to be seen, the people involved have really put their creativity and imaginations to full use. Some bikes are hung from trees and railings, there are even some bikes in Haxey made of illuminous horse shoes. Whoever judges these exhibits will no doubt have a hard time picking a winner.”