Coin found in Epworth

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MYSTERY surrounds the discovery in a field in Epworth of a rare coin which dates back to the First World War.

The Belgian coin was only struck between the years 1915 and 1916 which means it has remained hidden for almost a century.

It was found by a man - who wishes to remain anonymous - when he was out walking in the Newlands area of the town.

“The coin was in this newly ploughed field,” said the man. “I’d passed it one day and on the second day picked it up out of curiosity,”

The heavily corroded coin, made of zinc, was passed onto a friend of the man, who subsequently turned to the internet for an online solution to the discovery.

This lead to the revelation that the coin was a five centime Belgian coin which was only produced for a very limited time.

The man who found it shared his discovery with the Bells/Advertiser.

He added: “It must have been brought back by someone serving in World War One.

“The coin was either a keepsake or something he’d brought back to give to someone else.

“Either way, it was lost in that field. In those days children and every able-bodied person would rally round to get in the harvest so it could have been lost then.”