Clash over Doncaster ‘pimp’ bus shelter

Lynn Atack at the bus shelter on Thorne Road.  Picture: Malcolm Billingham
Lynn Atack at the bus shelter on Thorne Road. Picture: Malcolm Billingham

A bus shelter said to be used for pimps to snooze in while Doncaster prostitutes ply their trade is at the centre of a residents’ tug-of-war.

Some people in the Thorne Road area want it removed but others say it is needed to keep them dry while waiting for a bus when it is raining.

Lynn Atack, 58, who described the proposal as ‘ridiculous’, said: “Why should we have to stand in the rain?

“I live on the other side of the road and I’ve never seen them,

“They’re not actually carrying out their business in the shelter because people could see them. I want it to stay and I rung the SYPTE to tell them that.”

But Wheatley ward councillor John Sheppard said: “This was an issue raised by residents at a PACT meeting that prostitutes and, more worryingly, also their pimps were using the shelter during the night.

“It was reported that it was not just being used as a shelter from the rain but they were waiting on the seats and sometimes the pimps were catching 40 winks on the seats while the girls were working.

“The residents hoped that the shelter could be removed but we felt it necessary to put it out to consultation to get the wider community view.

“It may be that people who only use the shelter during the day and do not live nearby are completely unaware of the problem.”

Nigel Cairns, SYPTE interim head of customer experience, told the DFP: “We are currently consulting with the local community on Balmoral Road as to whether they would prefer this style of bus stop or a different style.

“We will review the responses and take a decision about what facility best suits the location.”