Christmas lights boost planned for Stainforth, Doncaster

Christmas lights in Doncaster
Christmas lights in Doncaster

A former Doncaster pit village is drawing plans to up scale-up its Christmas lights.

Stainforth Town Council is looking to put in place prominent lights at the three main entrances to the village, after discussions at its latest meeting.

They will be in addition to lights which will be put up around Stainforth Resource Centre, which are expected to be switched on at town's Christmas Fair on November 11.

The extra lights were suggested at a Stainforth Town Council meeting.

The authority has contacted a company and is considering hiring them rather than buying them outright.

It is not yet certain whether they will be in place for this Christmas or for Chistmas 2018.

It has been suggested that hiring lights would allow for the council to vary what they put out from year to year and retain more interest from the public in the future, as they would be able to change them from year to year.

Mayor of Stainforth Coun Lorraine Crosby said: "It may be next Christmas that we get them, but we would be looking to put them up on the lampposts.

"There are people who say they would like lights where they live, but people would be able to wander out to go and see them if we put them at the entrances, and people will see them as they drive by. I think it will cheer people up at Christmas."

The locations would be at Kirton Lane, Fishlake Nab, and Doncaster Road.

The plans at Stainforth come as one of its neighbouring towns, Hatfield, is also looking towards putting up new Christmas lights.

But before it starts any Christmas celebrations, Stainforth is looking to mark Bonfire Night.

There will be a bonfire, fireworks and funfair at Stainforth Recreation Ground, Church Road from 6pm until 10pm on Wednesday November 1.