Children enjoy a first class lesson in English and history

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Children have had a first class lesson in English and History at North Lindsey College as part of the Children’s University programme.

The University Centre created an event combining English and history and an array of fun and practical tasks for children to be involved in and in return receiving a stamp for their passports.



North Lincolnshire Museum supported the event bringing with them a hands on archelogy task called Dudley’s Dig. Also attending and supporting the event was Stage 2 Theatre Club who brought costumes of historic characters including kings and queens for the children to dress up in and have fun dressed as iconic figures.

Ella Dent (8) from Crowle Primary Academy dressed up as a queen and commented, “I’ve been doing school clubs including swimming, boxing and other sports events to get my passport stamped. I’ve got 29 stamps and only need one more to be able to graduate. I missed out last time but have really made an effort to get more stamps over the summer. I really like having the passport as it makes my parents take me to more things. I really enjoyed doing the drama today, it was good fun.”

An Alice in Wonderland trail, a story tree, craft tables and a poem tree were just some of the other activities that children could have been involved in at the event. Eleanor McNeill who runs the Stage 2 Theatre Club enjoyed sharing her costumes for the children to wear and commented, “We have had a really good day; the children have engaged well and have been enthusiastic. It has been well attended and it has been a good event for the children to be involved in.”

The next event to take place at the College is animal and nature day which is on Saturday 1st October and also on 26th October is an event focused on travelling around the world.

For further information regarding the Children’s University scheme, or to apply to be a learning destination please contact the or telephone 01724 294125.