Child bus fare increase plan

A VOTE will be cast on whether to increase child concessionary bus fares in Doncaster - which could mean the first increase in eight years.

A report to the South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority (SYITA) meeting on Thursday has recommended that fares should rise from 40p to 50p.

If councillors approve those changes, they could come into play from April 1 of this year.

The rise would be the first since 2003.

South Yorkshire's child concessionary fare is the lowest in England outside of London, SYITA says. The rise would still mean it is the lowest in the metropolitan areas.

The recommended increase comes amid widespread pressure on public sector budgets up and down the country.

Members also face a recommendation that further 10p rises should come into effect in April 2012 and April 2013.

Since the 40p fare was introduced in October 2003, child passenger numbers in South Yorkshire saw around a nine per cent increase from around 17 million per year to 18.5 million.