Check out the Isle Shopper bus service timetable as a consultation takes place

Isle residents are being asked to air their views on the Isle Shopper bus service.

By Stephanie Bateman
Friday, 30th January 2015, 8:20 am
Councillor Liz Redfern.
Councillor Liz Redfern.

North Lincolnshire Council wants to find out what people think and if it could be improved.

Councillor Liz Redfern (pictured), Leader of North Lincolnshire Council said: “We decided to carry out a consultation with the local community in the Isle of Axholme to get their views on the Isle Shopper bus service. “We have already spoken to passengers who use the service to find out what they think. Now we are extending the consultation and asking all residents in the Isle for their thoughts on the service and if they think improvements could be made.

“It is important that we get residents views on this bus service as they are the ones that are using it. We want to ensure that the service meets people’s needs. This consultation will help to identify what people want and how the service could be improved or developed

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“Please share your views about this service with us and help shape how it is provided in the future. You can do this quickly and easily on our website,”

The consultation deadline is February 18.

Service 58 Isle Shopper Existing Timetable

Depart Scun 09:25

Wroot 10:00

Epworth Fieldside 0:15 10:15

Epworth Market Place 0:02 10:17

Epworth Lockwood Bank 0:03 10:20

Epworth Market Place 0:02 10:22

Belton Church Town 0:05 10:27

Carr House La Belshaw La 0:02 10:29

Westgate Rd Carr House La 0:03 10:32

Sandtoft 0:04 10:36

Epworth West End Road 0:05 10:41

Epworth Fieldside 0:00 10:41

Epworth Market Place 0:02 10:43

Epworth Lockwood Bank 0:03 10:46

Epworth Market Place 0:02 10:48

Epworth Leisure Centre arr 0:02 10:50

Driver’s break at Leis Cen >>>> 10:00

Epworth Leisure Centre dep 0:00 10:00

Epworth Market Place 0:00 10:00

Epworth Lockwood Bank 23:59 10:00

Epworth Market Place 23:59 9:59

Epworth Fieldside 23:58 9:58

Wroot 23:58 9:57

Epworth Fieldside 23:58 9:55

Epworth Market Place 23:57 9:52

Epworth Fieldside 23:57 9:50

Epworth West End Road 23:56 9:47

Sandtoft 23:56 9:43

Westgate Rd Carr House La 23:56 9:39

Carr House La Belshaw La 23:55 9:35

Belton Church Town 23:55 9:30

Epworth Market Place 10:00

Epworth Lockwood Bank 23:54 9:54

Epworth Market Place 23:54 9:49