Charlotte Taylor: It’s time to discover Doncaster

Charlotte Taylor, of On Track PR, Doncaster
Charlotte Taylor, of On Track PR, Doncaster

I’m sitting writing this column from the garden of a beautiful little cottage in Tully, West Ireland.

I’ve managed to get away for a break with the family.
It’s the last week of the school holidays now and that means it was our last chance to get away before the September routine kicks in.

I think Ireland is a spectacular country to visit.

And the view from my window leaves me in no doubt as to why it is called the Emerald Isle.

I do wonder if the locals wake up every morning here and stop to take in the view.

My son’s homework this summer was a project looking at the village where we live.

He had to say why people would want to live there.

It’s been amazing project for him to do and it has made us stop and look around us.

We’ve seen things that have always been there. But they are things that we’ve just not noticed.

We all live such busy lives.

And that means we tend to go through them with blinkers on, simply getting from one place to another without appreciating the journey.

This trip, to laid-back, relaxed, rural Ireland has made me determined to stop more and look at the beautiful, interesting and different things we have on our doorstep.

When I return I’m going to explore Doncaster, just like you’d explore any holiday location.

I’ve already got a list of places to go here on our doorstep.

On my list to visit is Cusworth Hall, as I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been there.

I’ve also got Conisbrough Castle marked on there, as I’ve not been for years.

And then there is Potteric Carr nature reserve – I just didn’t know it was there.

I’ll be on the internet looking for suggestions of places to visit and must do things in Doncaster.

And I’ll also be stopping off for a coffee in some of the villages.

If Tully is anything to go by, village coffee shops are the places to find out everything you need to know!

So while I explore my way around the Wild Atlantic Coast for another few days, why not look at Doncaster through fresh eyes?

Perhaps you could go and take a trip, within the town to discover what has been on your doorstep.

I’m sure that lots of families will have made the most of what the borough has to offer this summer, trying out trips to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the Dome and other local attractions.

I’m definitely going to take more time to appreciate what we have to offer.

I’m going to be more like a visitor in the town.

Doncaster Tourist Information Centre, I will be heading your way!