Charity’s give a cat a home plea

Cats Traction Trust
Cats Traction Trust

THEY look like the cutest little bundles of fur.

And they are the lucky ones as far as a Doncaster charity is concerned, as they are now being looked after safely with new homes lined up for two of them.

The three kittens pictured with their current foster carer, Aine Ryan, are the first of the year to be born to cats in the care of the Doncaster-based section of Cats Action Trust 1977, a rescue charity.

All three little ones arrived in the world two weeks ago, as part of a litter born to a cat whose owner, from Carcroft, handed her pet over after realising she could not cope with kittens.

She had received the cat only weeks earlier, around Christmas, and did know realise at the time it had not been neutered.

Karen Beevers, the Doncaster area co-ordinator for the charity, said she was delighted to have found homes for two of the three tiny kittens already - but warned of the importance of getting pets neutered.

She said: “The lady who had the cat did not realise it had not been neutered, nor that it was pregnant. It was when she found out there were kittens on the way that she got in touch with us.

“Her cat was only with us a week before she had her kittens.

“There are so many unwanted cats and kittens at the moment, and I think it’s down to the economy, and people not being able to afford to keep them.

“That is why people need to take their cats to the vets to make sure they don’t get pregnant.”

Ms Beevers said although the cat’s owner had received her cat around Christmas it was not a present. But she added there had been a number of cats who had been unwanted gifts.

None of the three kittens have yet been given names, but two have homes arranged subject to checks on the prospective new owners.

To give a home to any of the trust’s other cats log onto Cat Chat or call 07940 792 205.