Challenge set for big-hearted Doncaster boyÂ

Kind-hearted youngster Carter Allen has set himself a massive charity challenge, after seeing a short video that reduced him to tears.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 7th January 2019, 11:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 12:40 pm
Carter Allen with sister Honey
Carter Allen with sister Honey

The compassionate eight-year old from Doncaster is to attempt to climb Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, to raise funds for the charity Reach, that works to help children with upper limb deficiency.

His mum Olivia Allen explained: 'Carter saw a video, quite by chance on a news feed I was browsing, that really affected him.

Carter Allen

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'It was of a small boy with no upper limbs helping to put a baby's dummy back in, using his mouth. 

'It was the first time he'd seen someone without use of limbs and it deeply upset him.

'He asked at first if he could take his own arms off to give to the boy. 

'I explained that this was not possible, but that later in life the boy, and others like him, may be able to use prosthetics.

Carter Allen

'Since then he has been adamant to help children in the same situation.

'He has decided to climb the highest mountain in England to raise money for his Just Giving page for Reach.

'We are super proud of him.

'We have always known he is a sensitive child but his caring and determination over this project are amazing.'

Because he was so adamant he wanted to do something to try and help youngsters born without limbs, Carter's parents helped him to source an appropriate charity, in Reach.

'He was determined to set his goal sum at £25,000 originally, so we had to explain that that was too high,' said Mrs Allen.

'But he wouldn't move a jot lower than £15,000 so that's what he's working towards currently.

'It's his own initiative'¦.he told no-one about it at first, but now he wants as many people as possible to be aware of what he's doing so that he can raise as much money as possible.

'His JustGiving site raised £650 in less than a month which is a fantastic start.

'He's not a sporty youngster so will need to train sensibly for the June walk, which we will do with him.

It's around three hours hike up then the same amount of time for the descent.

'Our current dilemma is whether to take his sister Honey along, who is six.

'She very much wants to be involved with it all.'

In his bid to attract more support, Carter has written to Theresa May, and Prince Charles, among other people.

'It took him a long time to write the letters,' said Mrs Allen. 

'In them, he introduced himself and said what he is doing and why, and asked for their support for his efforts via JustGiving.

I told him he may hear nothing back but it would be lovely if he did get some recognition.'

The activity is not something that Carter has done before, although he seems to have grasped the rudiments of fundraising quickly.

'He might end up working in a role with a charity in the future, who knows?' said his mum.

'A year ago he was going to be an architect, then more recently he's fancied being a marine biologist, so there's plenty of scope.'

Carter is a pupil at Scawsby Junior School, where staff became aware of his 3,200 foot challenge just before he broke up for the Christmas holidays.

Parents will be made aware of of what he is doing in the next school newsletter so that they can support him if they wish to.

Anyone who wants to help Carter in his bid to raise money for Reach, Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency, can make a donation to his JustGiving page at

The Reach charity defines itself as '˜helping children with limb differences to live life without limits.'

It works to help children and families in any way it can, supporting children to reach their full potential and celebrate their abilities.

It provides resources, support and practical advice to families, shares success stories and

connects families in many other ways.

His mission for Reach is not the first time Carter has hit the newspaper headlines.

In 2015, aged four, he was reunited with a Lego toy that he accidentally dropped into a ballot box during the election.

Carter lost his favourite Star Wars man while helping his mother vote in Ed Miliband's constituency of Doncaster North for the general election.

Election counters kept an eye out for his much-loved figure as they sifted through the area's 40,000 ballot papers.

Eventually, there was a happy ending as his toy was returned to the boy unharmed, within hours.