Centre celebrates centenary

A much-valued Conisbrough community centre will be celebrating its 100th anniversary - and hopefully a secure future.

The Elm Green Lane Community Centre is thriving and users are looking forward to celebrating its centenery on March 30.

In September, Doncaster council decided to let community groups have a lease on the building and negotiations are soon to be completed.

Chairman of the governing body John Mills told the Times this week: “Things are moving forward rapidly and we are hoping to sign the lease before much longer. This is the first of the new community leases and we have become very much a model of best practise for future ones.”

Residents are keen to make a start on revitalising it and take over the running of the centre from the council in a bid to secure its future.

The centre has a burgeoning timetable through out the week and is used social club, bingo a snooker team, keep fit Conisbrough Castle Cavaliers marching band and the Cee and Dee Art Group.

Last year Mayor Peter Davies agreed for the centre to be leased out to residents - ending the authority’s financial responsibility for the venue.

Around 100 people attended a meeting in which Mr Davies said the centre, which had been under review, would have a community lease for 15 years at £500 per year.

The centre would have a management board responsible for internal and external improvements need and future maintenance of the dilapidated building.