CCTV funding signed off for Doncaster estate troubled by anti-social behaviour

Council bosses have signed off a six-figure sum to enhance a Doncaster estate troubled by anti-social behaviour.Â

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 10:17 am
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 10:18 am
The Royal Estate, Edlington. Picture: Chris Etchells/Doncaster Free Press
The Royal Estate, Edlington. Picture: Chris Etchells/Doncaster Free Press

The Royal Estate in Edlington is to benefit from £123,000 of council cash '“ the majority of which to fund a raft of CCTV cameras at £40,000.

Around £27,000 is being earmarked for '˜land clearance', £28,000 for new fencing and boarding of houses, £17,500 to resurface an alleyway, £6,000 for new street lights and £5,000 for '˜community engagement and legacy work'. 

A report seen by councillors said the '˜environmental and housing' situation in parts of the estate were recognised as being '˜below acceptable standards' when inspected earlier this year.

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Doncaster Council, South Yorkshire Police and other agencies devised a '˜plan of action' to improve standards which is hoped to last for a number of years. 

A public meeting back in March 2017 heard residents claim menacing young gangs were running amok on off-road bikes, taunting locals and threatening them with weapons.

Residents said an escalating crime spree had resulted in a spate of burglaries, smashed windows and arson attacks while drug dealing and threats of violence had become part of everyday life.

Police targeted the estate for action and made Edlington one of the first parts of Doncaster to have new style community policing.

Coun Frank Arrowsmith who sits on Edlington Town Council, told the Free Press: 'In the last six months, we've seen some big improvements on the estate in terms of anti-social behaviour and crime.

'This money is historical as it's been spoken about before especially in terms of the CCTV '“ that's been in the pipeline for a while.  

'We've been consistently arguing that the estate has been underfunded for a number of years but it's good to see the money is coming in '“ it won't fix all the problems but it will certainly help.' 

Andy Rutherford, head of streetscene and highway operations, said: 'The decisions contained within this report are to the benefit of all members of the community mainly based around the environment and safety of people living in the area.

'Care will be given to the idea of engaging with the community and leaving a lasting legacy that will be overseen by the area community team that are working with local groups to ensure representation and sustainability.'

Edlington & Warmsworth Coun Phil Cole said: "This investment to improve the alleyways, street-lighting & neighbourhood improvement is a welcome sign of the Council's ongoing support for the residents of the Royal Estate following the re-opening of the police station as a multi-agency drop in for residents. 

'There is a growing community partnership working to improve the estate overall including better housing, the environment, community safety and tackling anti-social behaviour. I'd encourage the community to get involved and behind in the initiative.

"I want every resident to know that the Mayor and Council are on their side not just today, but every day."