CCTV to catch vandals at Doncaster '˜Rec'

Relentless vandalism has caused a Doncaster council to close a children's play area - and now they are looking to bring in security cameras.

Saturday, 1st October 2016, 3:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:06 pm
The Mayor of Edlington Joan Briggs and Simon Oldham, Town Clerk, pictured by the playground on the Edlington Recreation ground which has had to be closed due to continued vandalism. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Playground MC 1

Edlington Town Council wants to install cameras after having to close the Auburn Road recreation ground due to ‘persistent damage to safety surfaces’.

Large chunks have been gouged out of the spongy safety surfacing creating potential trip hazards for children and local parishioners.

The council said consistent damage to play equipment and seating was another factor in the closure, as they are struggling to meet the costs of repairs.

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Town clerk, Simon Oldham, said: “We severely regret that this course of action has become necessary because of the mindless actions of a minority spoiling enjoyment for the majority.”

He added: “Even the sign we put up warning people it was unsafe and the area was closed, was ripped down. This is what we are dealing with here.”

A meeting was scheduled with a local residents group and town’s mayor, Coun Joan Briggs, to discuss long-term solutions to the problem.

Installing CCTV cameras as a deterrent was the main topic under discussion by the ‘Friends of the Rec’ group.

It is looking at two options for bringing in cameras.

Firstly, the Parish Counci will apply to Doncaster Council to request thatit extends its own CCTV system to cover the Edlington recreation ground.

If this request fails then the Parish will install its own recordable cameras at the Auburn Road play area.

Coun Robert Johnson said: “Hopefully we will know within a month, which way we’re going to go.”

“We are willing to pay for it ourselves, but people have to realise the parish’s money is their money.”

“We have spent a few thousand pounds over the last few years, so we just can’t keep repairing it.”

“It’s a great community round here. People don’t realise it’s actually a rural village. We’ve just got about a dozen or so youngsters who are ruining it for everyone else.”