Car park is becoming drug den, warns businessman

An Isle car park is a regular meeting place for people using and peddling drugs at night-time, it has been claimed.

Epworth businessman Stewart Prill said that he can often smell drugs when walking his dog after 10 o’clock at night around the area of the car park and St Andrew’s Church.

“It’s clear what’s going on. It’s always the same cars parked up there and it’s not pleasant for people to be around,” said Mr Prebble.

“I intend to speak to the town council about this. I think a gate that is lockable at night might be a good idea.”

The car park, close to St Andrew’s Parish Church, is the property of North Lincolnshire Council.

Chair of Epworth Town Council Don Stewart said: “We are aware of the problem, and the idea of lockable gates has been looked at in depth.

“It created issues over use of the car park by traders and visitors in the evening, and as to who would be responsible for locking up.

“This is partly why we requested CCTV but we don’t know yet where cameras up there are to be focused.”

A spokesman for the Isle of Axholme policing team said: “Police are aware of drug issues in the car park and patrol there regularly. We have issued a number of cannabis warnings recently. Gates could be a deterrent at Epworth, and the lighting could be improved too. We will search people if we suspect there are drugs in use.”