Cannabis is the most widely used illegal substance in Doncaster, new study shows

Cannabis is the most widely used illegal substance in Doncaster, a new survey has revealed.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 4th April 2022, 12:26 pm
Updated Monday, 4th April 2022, 12:29 pm

The UK Drug Addiction 2022 report from private rehab clinic Delamere has analysed data on the most common types of drugs used across the UK.

And in Yorkshire and Doncaster, cannabis was the most used, researchers found.

Cannabis was revealed to be the most widely used illegal substance in 80% of UK regions and is the drug that is seized the most by the police - with a reported 1,617,706 cannabis-related seizures since 2010.

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Cannabis is the most widely used drug in Doncaster, according to studies.

Police have busted a large number of cannabis factories in recent weeks, seizing thousands of cannabis plants from homes across the borough.

From analysing drug use statistics the data revealed that in Yorkshire, cannabis was the most widely used substance, with a reported 1,963 users.

The figures only relate to official statistics – and user numbers are thought to be far higher.

Other regions of the UK that saw high levels of cannabis use included the North West of England with 2,067 reported users recorded and the South East of England with 2,064 users.In London, the ‘go-to’ reported drug was MDMA, with a huge 4,941 Londoners using the substance. In fact, London is the only UK region in which ecstasy is the most popular drug.

The Most Popular Drugs in Each UK Region

East of England - Cannabis - 14,125 users

London - Ecstasy - 4,941 users

East Midlands - Powder Cocaine - 4,020 users

North West - Cannabis - 2,067 users

South East - Cannabis - 2,064 users

Yorkshire - Cannabis - 1,963 users

South West - Cannabis - 1,954 users

Wales - Cannabis - 1,499 users

North East - Cannabis - 1,047 users

West Midlands Cannabis - 916 users

Martin Preston, Founder and Chief Executive at Delamere, says of the findings: “As a Class B drug, cannabis can often be easier to access than other drugs that are considered to be more harmful by Parliament — such as crack cocaine or heroin. This could explain cannabis’ popularity throughout the UK.

“However, cannabis dependency is still very much a risk for users — with one in 10 regular cannabis users becoming dependent on the drug.

“When it comes to drugs that are more harshly penalised, the danger isn’t just the strength of the drugs themselves — but also the other ‘cutting agents’ that may be included in the measurement.

“Whereas medication prescribed by a doctor is carefully regulated for a patient’s protection, drug dealers seeking to make a profit will mix the drug with additives that can in fact be dangerous toxins to meet their bottom line.

“Different additives will cause varying effects, and it’s impossible to tell the type and level of filler ingredients contained in a batch of cocaine. This increases the risk of negative reactions to substances — and in some cases, even fatalities.”

You can read the full report HERE