Campaigning for urgent road repairs in North Lincolnshire

Campaigning councillor Paul McCartan is urging the local authority to clean up its act and repair potholes he says are 'unsafe' and 'blighting' the region's roads.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 10:07 am
Updated Thursday, 19th April 2018, 10:11 am
Campaigning councillor Paul McCartan outside North Lincolnshire Council offices urging council to fix potholes

The member for Winterton said he was campaigning on behalf of disgruntled residents and had already issued a court order on the council to repair holes in the road, which they had complied with.

He added: “Following the recent success of the legal notices I have served on North Lincolnshire Council in getting work carried out on the A1077, A15 and Ermine street I have been contacted by residents in Crowle about an on going issue of Godnow Road. The issues go back at least three years, in which the council have stated they will carry out work to fix the road and have continually failed to do so. They have even stated that the road was ‘End of Life’ at least two years go.

Councillor Paul McCartan says he will take council to court over pothole problem

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“Therefore I served notice on the council in relation to Godnow Road. I think the residents have been patient enough waiting more than three years and it’s time for action. I hope this will work and residents can actually see some good happening on their roads in Crowle.”

Coun Richard Hannigan, cabinet member for Safer, Greener and Cleaner Places, said: “We are aware of the condition of Godnow Road in Crowle and have been trying to implement an improvement scheme over the past few years. Unfortunately, this has been held up due to the water company’s intention to renew the main sewer down this street. Therefore work has been postponed previously to accommodate this.

“More recently the water company has indicated that their renewal works are not planned in the foreseeable future so we intend to move forward and implement our scheme this year. Work is expected to start in the autumn. In the interim, we will ensure that work is carried out so the road remains in a safe condition.

“The increased spending on North Lincolnshire Roads was planned long before the so called legal notices referred to by Mr McCartan. The increase was included in our February budget and was not a response to such claims.

Councillor Paul McCartan says he will take council to court over pothole problem

“We are investing more than ever to improve North Lincolnshire’s roads, with £49m allocated in our recent budget to deliver the significant transformation of our local highways over the next few years. This includes repairing potholes and making our roads better and safer for all.”