Campaign to help get seriously ill Barnsley man home from Thailand

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A campaign has been launched to help get a Barnsley man back home after he fell seriously ill on holiday and is facing medical costs of tens of thousands of pounds.

Craig Lindley, aged 35, of Hoyle Mill, had travelled to Thailand to celebrate a friend’s wedding when he collapsed on New Year’s Day.

Tests have revealed he has developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome - a rare condition of the peripheral nervous system, which has left him virtually paralysed.

Friends and family are rallying round to raise enough money to pay for his medical treatment and to fly him home because of concerns that Craig may not have travel insurance.

They have been unable to find any paperwork among his belongings and it is feared that an internet transaction for a policy he found on a search comparison site may not have gone through.

Craig, who dismantles planes in Germany and is known for his work as an amateur boxing and in boys’ clubs, has already accrued a medical bill of around £40,000.

His father Frank Lindley, aged 66, also of Hoyle Mill, said he is ‘distraught’ at his son’s illness.

“It cost £17,000 just to fly him from an island to Bangkok and his first round of treatment, which will take him to Friday or Saturday, is another £20,000, then it is £3,000 per day that he is in hospital after that.

”To fly him home on a normal plane with a doctor will be about £17,000 or on a special medical plane will be £70,000.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for everything they are doing for him - he has a group of friends who have been unbelievable with everything they are doing to help get him home.”

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: “We can confirm a British National has been hospitalised in Bangkok, Thailand. We are providing consular assistance to their family at this time.”

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