Calls for U-turn over rubbish dump decision

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A Doncaster councillor is demanding a decision to approve a controversial rubbish dump be reconsidered.

More than 1,000 residents in Kirk Sandall objected to plans to build the waste transfer station in their village.

Now Fred Gee, ward councillor for Edenthorpe, Kirk Sandall and Barnby Dunn, is demanding residents’ concerns be addressed.

Mr Gee said the waste plant will damage the environment, increase traffic problems and affect house prices.

He added: “This project is badly thought out, has no air pollution control, vast amounts of new traffic, has been rushed through, may cause a danger to health, cause road congestion, and is situated in totally the wrong place.

“Some 3,500 tonnes a week of assorted garbage tipped adjacent to homes, with another 500 more vehicles in the area a day, is totally unimaginable, and is unacceptable.

“This project should be called in and brought to account immediately.”

Director of Regeneration and Environment Peter Dale said the council will ensure all mitigation works are carried out to minimise impact on the environment.

He added: “The location for the proposed Waste Transfer Station was selected following careful consideration, as the site is designed for industrial development. It is therefore likely, even if the Waste Transfer Site was not built there, another industrial project would be.”