Calls for quality bus contract in North Lincolnshire

A call has been made for powers to regulate bus routes and fares through a ‘Quality Bus Contract’.
Ms Jacky Crawford.Ms Jacky Crawford.
Ms Jacky Crawford.

Jacky Crawford, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Brigg and Goole - which covers the Isle, has issued the rally which would mean giving North Lincolnshire and the East Riding the sort of powers London enjoys over its buses. Bus operators would have to bid to run bus services on the council’s behalf.

She said: “A Quality Bus Contract would mean that the local authority would be responsible for deciding where buses run, how often they run, what fares and tickets are available, what quality standards buses run to and what happens if things go wrong.

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“These decisions will be made by local councillors who are directly accountable to their residents. In partnership with the bus operators these decisions will be based on local needs, priorities and affordability”.

Ms Crawford believes that public transport is something best organised by the local community based on the needs of residents.