Calf shot dead by intruder at Doncaster farm

A calf died after it was shot at a Doncaster farm
A calf died after it was shot at a Doncaster farm

A four-month-old calf has died after it was shot at a Doncaster farm.

The Belgian Blue heifer was in a barn at Parks Farm, Conisbrough, when an intruder blasted it with a shot gun yesterday afternoon.

A vet was called but the calf could not be saved and it died overnight.

Farmer Billy Collins, aged 67, said he was upset at the shooting.

"None of us can believe that this happened in broad day light in the middle of the afternoon by somebody who came right up to the farm buildings while we were all working," he said.

"We were harvesting yesterday so we think it happened then or when we broke for lunch. When we checked on all the animals later in the afternoon we discovered the shooting and called the vet straight away.

"The welfare of our animals means everything to us. They are always well fed, watered and cared for, so to find one peppered with shotgun pellets is upsetting.

"It makes you feel angry and it is upsetting to think the calf must have suffered."

He said he is baffled by the shooting.

"Whoever did this has crossed the line - to walk up to the farm buildings and fire a gun in broad daylight. It makes you wonder what else they are capable of. They must be sick," he said.

His wife Wendy Collins, posting on Facebook, added: "As we were out harvesting, some evil lowlife has come into the farmyard and shot a four-month-old calf at least twice with a shotgun.

"If you hear anything or know anyone who might have been involved, please would you let us know. The police have been and seen her, and they were very shocked that anyone could do such an appalling thing.

"We are determined to catch the person responsible for this despicable crime."

A police probe into the incident at, is underway.

Specialist armed response officers were dispatched to the farm when the shooting was reported.

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.