Buzz stop: Huge swarm of bees sets up home in Doncaster bus shelter

A huge swarm of bees has caused a buzz in a Doncaster area town – after setting up home in a bus shelter.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 1:16 pm
A swarm of bees has set up home in a Thorne bus shelter. (Photo: Getty)

The massive swarm was first reported in Thorne yesterday – and the insects are understood to be still swarming all over the shelter today.

The bees were first spotted on the roof of the shelter in Horse Fair Green – but now appear to have moved to the base of the structure at the junction with Finkle Street.

Locals have been calling for a local beekeeper to remove the bees from the shelter, which is right in the middle of Thorne’s Market Place.

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A honeybee colony swarming is a natural process.

It is the colony reproducing by the old queen leaving with some of the bees.

They leave their hive and find somewhere to hang in a cluster until the scout bees decide on their new home.