Town leads the way on running bars properly

A meeting was held in Doncaster to discuss combatting anti-social behaviour in the night-time economy.

Doncaster staged a Best Bar None briefing day which saw delegates from across the country learning more about the best practice scheme and sharing knowledge of how to develop a successful partnership.

The event at Doncaster Mansion House was organised after the Home Office announced Doncaster is one of 20 Local Alcohol Action Areas.

Presentations were given by scheme co-ordinators and partners from Doncaster, Oldham and Woking highlighting the success of Best Bar None in reducing anti-social behaviour in the night-time economy.

Representatives from Community Alcohol Partnerships, Street Pastors, Portman Group and PASS – proof of age scheme – also attended.

Best Bar None is a national award programme which promotes responsible management and operation of licensed premises.

It aims to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder in town centres across the country by helping enforce proof of age policies and the licensed trade, police and local authorities to reduce crime and improve safety.

Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones said: “We were delighted Best Bar None held their event in Doncaster.

“The award winning Doncaster Best Bar None is now in its ninth year and encourages and recognises licensees for the safe and responsible management of licensed premises. We are proud that so many of the town’s licensees are signed up to the scheme.”