Survey to help airport grow

Robin Hood Airport.
Robin Hood Airport.

Business bosses are to be asked for their views on Doncaster’s airport in a bid to attract more routes to the town.

Robin Hood Airport is launching a survey, the results of which will be used to help draw up a blueprint on how to grow the Finningley terminal over the next five years.

The airport has been keen to offer flights to an international ‘hub’ which would open up being able to fly from Doncaster to major destinations across the globe. Passengers have not been able to do this since operators pulled flights to Amsterdam and Dublin several years ago.

Steve Gill of the airport, said: “Our primary objectives for the survey are to improve connectivity for businesses, to help businesses grow and to attract further investment.”

Dan Fell, of Doncaster Chamber was ‘delighted’ to support the survey.

He added: “The airport remains one of the biggest opportunities for our regional economy and the business community is desperate to see the airport grow and thrive.”

Mr Fell added that Robin Hood had ‘enormous potential’ to support business and tourism travel which would help generate investment in the borough.

Those completing the survey will be entered in a draw for tickets to Warsaw.