Specialist invests £40m in food recycling.

A RECYCLING specialist has announced plans to invest £40m in two new UK plants this year.

PDM (Prosper De Mulder Ltd) will spend the money on developing its network of ReFood facilities which recycle food waste using the latest anaerobic digestion (AD) processes.

The announcement follows completion of the company’s first AD plant at its Doncaster headquarters which created 35 jobs last autumn.

The new plants, in Widnes and East London, will each create around 40 jobs and should be operational by 2013. They will also double the recycling capacity of Doncaster, each handling around 90,000 tonnes of food waste each year and producing 4mws of renewable energy.

All the AD plant take food waste generated by retailers, restaurants, hotels and householders. They then provide renewable energy to the national grid and create a nutrient rich fertiliser for use in growing new crops.

Philip Simpson, commercial director at PDM, commented: “Food waste is recognised as an issue the UK needs to overcome. Not only is it a complete waste of a resource by letting it rot in landfill, capacity at these sites is falling fast and AD offers the ideal solution.

“Our AD plant in Doncaster is performing well and we’re keen to keep the momentum going in developing our ReFood network to provide regional solutions for food waste across the UK.”