Shock for Doncaster firm as care jobs snubbed

Mike Dooley
Mike Dooley

There are fears for the future growth of a Doncaster firm due to a lack of people wanting jobs.

A home care company has spent the last eight months trying to create 100 new jobs in the town with no success.

Bosses at Prestige Nursing and Care, based in Hall Gate, Doncaster town centre, said plans have been thwarted because of a surprising lack of demand for the positions available. This is despite latest Government statistics showing that 239,000 people are unemployed in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The firm is a specialist provider of home care for people aged 18 and over living in Doncaster who require care and support within their own home.

It already employs 100 staff and provides 1,600 hours of care each week.

Managing director Mike Dooley said: “In the current climate we never thought recruiting care and support workers and nurses would be a problem, but we have been surprised at the lack of interest.

“Demand for our services is increasing as more people opt to receive care and support at home.

“The situation is getting desperate but we think much of it is down to a poor public image of the care industry and that in reality when people dig a bit deeper, they will see there are lots of benefits of working in care.”

In the last six months the company has experienced some growth, rising from 1.200 to 1,600 care hours being delivered each week, but further growth will be hampered by not being able to recruit new carers.

And now Prestige is launching a major recruitment drive in the hope of addressing the “desperate” need for care staff.

Mr Dooley added: “As a carer you are effectively home-based, which can be particularly attractive to people with families, for example, and we also offer flexible working, meaning people can effectively choose how much work they do and when.

“Along with highly competitive rates of pay, full training and real scope for progression within the company, we believe this makes us a very attractive employer.

“We are now undertaking a further recruitment programme and it is important to stress that previous experience in the care industry is not essential, in fact some of our best employees have come to us after working in retail.”

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