Set yourself aspirations


“WE HAVE left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done” (Book of Common Worship 1946).

This is certainly not intended to be a sermon, but how often can we really relate to those words?

It is January, the time of year when people set themselves targets and aspirations for the coming months.

It is a pretty universal problem for us all: we start off with great intentions but for one reason or another we are not able to accomplish the things that we set out to do.

It is not a modern problem. It has been with us ever since we started to grow crops. If you did not sow the seeds on time you would go hungry. No excuses.

Nowadays there are often a number of reasons that interfere with our being productive and getting round to the things we want to do.

Some distractions are of our own making. Surfing the Internet or using social media when we should be working are two examples.

Simply choosing not to do these things could lead to a drastic improvement in efficiency. Remove your e-mail alerts so that you can concentrate for longer periods of time without being interrupted is another thing to consider.

Sometimes we put off doing a task because we simply feel overwhelmed by the circumstances and therefore find it difficult to come to a rational conclusion. This could occur either in your private life or at work.

These are situations where a good solicitor could really help you. In your personal life the classic example is a will. Have you got one? If not, why not?

There really is no excuse for putting off planning to help and care for your nearest and dearest after you are gone. Would you really choose to be intestate?

The original laudable aim of commercial law was to help any person running a business to know the rules relating to trade and commerce.

However generations of politicians have legislated and legislated to create a mountainous volume of statute that requires specialist interpretation. This can often have the effect of putting people off taking decisions or planning for fear of getting it wrong.

Why not therefore sit down with your solicitor so that he or she can help you formulate a business or strategic plan to both:

a) achieve what you want to; and

b) avoid what you fear happening in the coming year?

You might then be able to surf the Internet and use social media without any guilt. However I think the likelihood is you will be too busy concentrating fully on your business, freed from the shackles of procrastination! For advice contact Isle solicitors HSR Law on 01302 347815.