Quirky new shop opens in Crowle

SecretCorridor.com in Crowle.
SecretCorridor.com in Crowle.

A new treasure trove shop of unique items has recently opened its doors in Crowle High Street.

The shelves at SecretCorridor,com are stacked with a unique blend of homemade and quirky items, including soaps, cards, quilts and other crafted gifts.

The business is owned by Crowle resident Claire Butler, 49, who has been running the firm as a successful online business for more than 15 years but decided the time was right to open up as a gift shop.

She said: “We opened a couple of months ago and business has been steady so far.

“Its just about getting your name known and making people aware you are here.

“I think we have one of the most unique shops in the area.

“Our gifts for the household have sold really well so far.

“I doubt the things you find in here will be available anywhere else.“

She added: “Crowle is a great place to do business. We want to offer people something different and I think in time customers will really appreciate that.

“We are in a good location as we get plenty of footfall from shoppers having a look around.”

“I think if we can get another couple more shops opened selling different things then Crowle could really be buzzing again.”

She added that she expects it to be busy during the Halloween and Christmas shopping season in the coming months.

The mum-of-two also explained that her son and daughter also help out with the running of the shop.

She said: “It is nice to have them help out and is great experience. We want to welcome the community in. If anyone has any handmade crafts or gifts they have made that they want to show off to sell then please get in touch.”