Major Lidl store to take over Doncaster club site

Club closed to be replaced by Lidl.  Rostholme Club, 128 Askern Rd, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN5 0EW
Club closed to be replaced by Lidl. Rostholme Club, 128 Askern Rd, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN5 0EW

A former pub and council houses are set to be demolished to make way for a major Lidl supermarket, creating dozens of jobs.

The store is planned for land which includes the site of the Rostholme Club, in Bentley, Doncaster. The supermarket chain has put in a planning application with Doncaster Council to build a store on the Askern Road site. It has also applied to knock town the club, 15 homes, a bookmakers and some garages.



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The homes which would be demolished include five houses on Askern Road.

Council flats on Redbourne Road would also be knocked down.

Official plans drawn up by the discount food store state there would be around 40 jobs at the shop.

They state: “The granting of planning permission for the erection of a new Lidl foodstore would increase the retail offer and boost the local economy.

“The new Lidl foodstore would create up to 40 employment opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds, providing opportunities for training and career development. This in turn will create an upward spiral of economic benefits.

“Widening the retail offer will also help to maximise expenditure within Bentley and the wider area of Doncaster whilst increasing the viability of local businesses within the local area.”

There would be 85 parking spaces at the store.

Bentley Coun Charlie Hogarth said he thought the plans for a Lidl in Bentley would be popular – but was saddened by the loss of a well-known club in the town.

He said: “There is a Tesco Express, but not a big supermarket. At the moment if people in Bentley want to shop they have to go to the Asda or the Morrisons, so this is a good place for a supermarket to be built.

“But it is disappointing that the club is going, although there are a lot of pubs and clubs struggling at the moment. It has only recently closed.

“I think people will welcome the shop but they will not welcome the club closing.

“It was previously the Lonsborough club. There have been a lot of pubs and clubs lost in Bentley in recent years – the Comrades, the Drum, the Druids and the Good Companion and the Whisper for instance. I think people are not going into pubs as much as they were and are getting drink from supermarkets.

“I am also concerned that it may impact on smaller shops.”

The news of the plans from Lidl follow the revelation another discount supermarket is planning to open in the north of Doncaster.

Aldi wants to build the store on land next to Selby Road, in Askern, and expects the scheme to create 50 jobs.

The company has filed a planning application with Doncaster Council and has already carried out surveys on the site to check its suitability for development.