Landlord anger over scheme

EDL march from Doncaster railway station to Hexthorpe. The march pictured on Urban road in Hexthorpe.
EDL march from Doncaster railway station to Hexthorpe. The march pictured on Urban road in Hexthorpe.

Landlords fear a proposed licensing scheme aimed at cutting anti-social behaviour in Hexthorpe will just shift the problem elsewhere.

A consultation process for a Selective Licensing Scheme for private sector landlords in Hexthorpe, that Doncaster Council says will address issues of anti-social behaviour, is underway.

But landlords fear the scheme, which will result in them forking out £500 for each rented property, will increase rents for residents yet fail to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Tensions are currently running high in the village after residents clashed with Roma migrants who have moved into the area, prompting a march by the English Defence League.

Carl Agar, the area’s National Landlord Association representative, said the scheme would just move problem tenants to elsewhere in Doncaster rather than tackle the issue.

He added: “It is blatantly not the solution to the problems we have in our communities and it is wrong for the local authority to mislead the public into thinking they are addressing problems which they are clearly not. Landlords can barely afford to run properties of this nature in this area as it is – there will be no option other than to increase the rents or evict the tenants.

“Ed Miliband wants longer tenancies and rent caps. The mayor of Doncaster is supporting a course of action which has been proven to increase rents and reduce the length of tenancies.

“We understand the issues but they have failed to engage with the sector before jumping to poorly thought-out solutions.”

Mr Agar said if the scheme is given the green light, Hexthorpe house prices will also decrease and businesses will be discouraged from relocating to the area.

But Coun Christine Mills said: “The scheme is a powerful and effective way for the council to address concerns communities in Hexthorpe have, including anti-social behaviour.”