Labour leader hosts energy summit in Mexborough

MP Ed Miliband
MP Ed Miliband

MP Ed Miliband is hosting an ‘energy summit’ in Mexborough – and is encouraging residents to come along.

It will take place on Friday (December 13) from 12.30pm at the Resource Centre on Dolcliffe Road.

The event is open to people living in all parts of the Labour leader’s Doncaster North constituency.

The MP wants to hear people’s experiences of rising energy prices and discuss what needs to be done to make sure energy is affordable and available for the long-term.

Mr Miliband launched Labour’s plan to reform Britain’s electricity and gas market last month.

He said: “I know how people in Doncaster are struggling with the rising cost of living. Many people I speak to are worried about their energy bills, and are having to make a choice between heating their homes or buying food.

“We need to reform the energy market so it works for everyone and that’s why I’m holding this event – so I can hear what people in Mexborough, and other areas of Doncaster, think needs to be done to make sure energy is affordable and available.”

The Labour Party says energy bills for families have risen by almost £300 since David Cameron became Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband has announced that, if elected, a future Labour Government would freeze gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017, saving a typical household £120 a year.

He added: “In the past three years it has become clear to everyone but this government that the energy market is broken. Prices are rising year on year without justification. And Britain is not getting the investment in energy we need to secure supplies for the future.

“Labour is setting out our plan to make sure gas and electricity is affordable and available for this generation and generations to come.

“We will stop people being ripped off and, together, we will power Britain into the next century.”