Job growth boost for town

Job growth in Doncaster is the third best in Yorkshire and the Humber, recent figures reveal

According to the Pulse report, conducted by employment and service provider Working Links, vacancies have increased by 20.8 per cent year on year.

Figures show unemployment in the region stands at 246,000 and agriculture and the public sector have the highest amount of vacancies.

But Working Links said this was because of temporary jobs relating to the UK Census such as interviewers and collectors and instead jobs are falling.

The data was taken between November 2010 to January 2011 and compared to the same period a year earlier,

Working Links said care and security work vacancies have risen while the education sector has been hit the hardest.

Overall, vacancies in the region have increased by 7.4 per cent.

Working Links’ Yorkshire and Humber employer services team manager Jason O’Neill said: “It is encouraging to see an increase in care, security and call centres. We are also seeing an increase in vacancies in holiday parks.

“It’s very good to also see the manufacturing industry picking up again. We are also expecting to see more vacancies in retail and seasonal jobs in hospitality over the summer.”

Doncaster Council’s director of regeneration, Peter Dale, said: “This is great news for Doncaster during what is an economically challenging time for many businesses and workforces across the borough. We will continue to strengthen our links with partners and engagement with private sector developments.”