Jackson goes to top of Doncaster SME profit table

L Jackson & Co Ltd vehicles
L Jackson & Co Ltd vehicles

If you want five tipper trucks, four 4x4 ambulances, a couple of armoured Range Rovers and a steamroller there’s one place in Sheffield City Region that would be happy to oblige.

L Jackson & Co, of Misson, near Bawtry, could throw in a bulldozer, an airport tug and a kitchen in a shipping container too.

The company, Doncaster’s most profitable SME, is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of ex-military trucks, vehicles, plant and equipment.

Its huge 60-acre site near Robin Hood Airport is home to about 1,000 vehicles which can be shipped - or even flown - around the world at the drop of a hat.

The company buys them from the MOD, NATO or US military, fixes them up if they’re a bit battered, gives them a paint job and sells them to the UN, Governments, aid agencies and mining, construction and utility companies. Export is 90 per cent of the business.

The accounts show just eight employees, but director Matthew Jackson said they used contractors to repair, spray and modify vehicles. Alterations could include bolting a crane on to a truck or swapping a diesel engine for petrol.

He added: “We take stock that’s being replaced or retired, it’s not always in the best condition but we fix them up.”

The firm was established in 1950 and traded as a partnership until recently when it became a limited company - explaining its appearance in the Top100 SME table for the first time.

Fittingly perhaps, the site is a former military air defence Bloodhound missile base.

Earlier this year the company completed the emergency air freight of Hagglund tracked vehicles to an oil company in Perth, Australia, to tackle a spill on marshland.

Hi-Level Enterprises remains the second most profitable SME in Doncaster. It made just over £3m last year and went up two places to eighth in the main table.

The motorcycle spares wholesaler topped the Doncaster table from 2007 to 2010.

Meanwhile, property company Lazarus dropped out of the Top 100 altogether after it made a £774,000 loss.

The firm was Doncaster’s most profitable SME last year and was second in the main table.

Three other companies are in the table after being omitted last year including Direct Trade (Yorkshire) which made £573,000 profit last year, below the £625,000 cut-off, but £1.07m this year, and Extrudakerb turned a £476,000 loss into £925,000 profit.