Isle patients could benefit from new nursing patterns


Shift patterns are to change for nurses at Scunthorpe hospital, following a consultation about a new system that will now be implemented.

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust consulted with staff about the standardisation of nursing shift patterns, breaks and contracts.

Long days and short shifts and an extended night shift are the new way forward.

Dr Karen Dunderdale, chief nurse and deputy chief executive, said: “Historically, our nursing staff have worked a variety of shift and break patterns, including permanent days and permanent nights. In this new model, all nursing staff will work a combination of different shifts with personal preferences being taken into account.

“This will give us greater flexibility to match staffing availability to patient need, ensure there is protected time for handover and also increase protected management time for ward sisters and charge nurses. We expect that this model will ensure we have the right staff in the right place and at the right time.”

A number of wards have volunteered to be early implementers of the new model and some will be chosen to run the model from Monday, August 18. The revised shift patterns will begin on all other wards from Monday, September 15.

Sister Michelle Long manages a surgical ward at Scunthorpe hospital, which will be one of the first to run the new shift model. She said: “This will be really good for our patients as they like to see the same nurses. Nurses will see their patients before they go into theatre and will still be here when the patients come back to the ward.

“This consistency will help us build relationships with our patients and their families and allows us to get to know them better.”