House prices are on the up in Doncaster

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The house market is booming - at least in Doncaster - as new figures reveal it’s the metropolitan district with the biggest annual house price increase.

Doncaster is also bucking the trend regionally and is the only place in Yorkshire where prices are on the up.

Land Registry data revealed house prices in Doncaster rose annually by 4.1 per cent, as well as a two per cent monthly increase.

According to the data the average house price in Doncaster is £96,005.

Doncaster Chamber, Doncaster Council and local estate agents all today welcomed the news.

Phil Harris, CEO of Doncaster Chamber, said: “I believe the increase in house prices in Doncaster is an indication of increased confidence in the region as a result of all the hard work done to bring major transformational projects, such as the recently commenced FARRRS link road, to fruition.

“There is a note of caution, however, that house prices don’t grow too fast causing affordability problems in Doncaster - as wages are not increasing at the same rate.”

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said the rise in prices is a sign Doncaster’s economy is performing well.

She said: “This will give further confidence to investors, house builders and the construction industry in general.

“Looking to the future, we are also ensuring land for over 18,500 houses is made available in the town over the next 15 years to cater for a growing population.

“We are conscious, however, that there is a need for more affordable homes and we are currently building new council houses across the borough.”

Chris Thomson, managing director of estate agents Robinson Hornsby, said: “We’ve certainly seen some growth over the last 12 months, and our sales are up by 20 per cent year on year.

“I’ve seen price growth of a few per cent in our low to medium range houses. It’s good news for the town, and what we’re looking for is steady growth in the property market, which will serve Doncaster better in the long term.”

Simon Nielson, director at Northwood Estate Agents, said: “In Doncaster I think the airport and the jobs it has created have definitely been a big factor. Things like the ring road and job creation in stores like The Range and Aldi have also made a big difference to the local economy.

“We’ve seen growth trickle for the last six months, and it’s particularly grown over the last three months.

“We’re also opening a new branch in Thorne next month because of how the business has picked up.

“This is definitely good news for Doncaster.”

Sanjay Gandhi, managing director of Moss Properties, added: “I think Doncaster has been one of these places in the region that people don’t realise is below the national average for house prices, which is something investors have caught on to.

“Lots of investors from down south have been buying up properties because they’ve realised the rental yield in Doncaster is so high, so we’ve seen a lot of people move into the area because of that.

“The infrastructure which has been set up in the town over the last five years, with things such as the airport and a new football stadium, is paying off - and we’re selling more and more houses, especially over the last few months.”