European carbon project could create 2,000 Yorkshire jobs

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A European anti-pollution project could bring 2,000 jobs to Yorkshire.

Euro MP, Linda McAvan is throwing her weight behind a report which will go before the Parliament’s Environment Committee tomorrow, hoping to unlock Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects.

The EU’s member states agreed in 2007 to have 12 CCS projects up and running by 2015, and although millions were put aside to support the scheme, so far none of the projects in the pipeline have been approved.

Ms McAvan who leads for all Labour MEPs on environmental matters, said;

“The Government missed the opportunity to win funding for the Don Valley CCS project last year and we cannot afford to let the same opportunity pass us by with the White Rose project at Drax power station. I am really pleased that the government has now committed to undertaking a 2 year research project at Drax in the hope of making a final investment decision at the end of the project.”

If the CCS project at Drax does go ahead, it is expected to generate in the region of 2,000 construction jobs and nearly 100 operational jobs, as well as having a knock-on effect benefitting local suppliers and businesses.

The Euro MP continued:

“As well as the immediate jobs that the CCS project would create, the potential to export this technology, once developed, could also bring untold economic benefits to our region.

“The European Union is keen to invest in CCS technology in order to meet it’s ambitious climate action targets and reduce the amount of Carbon being released into our atmosphere. Yorkshire currently stands the best chance of winning this investment and so this timely report reminds us what a massive opportunity this could be for our region.”