Edwin’s job dream to aid a better life

Edwin Arman, 39, of Doncaster.  Picture: Liz Mockler D2949LM
Edwin Arman, 39, of Doncaster. Picture: Liz Mockler D2949LM

HAVING left Sudan for a better life, British citizen Edwin Arman has always worked but frustratingly finds himself unemployed and desperate for a job.

The 39-year-old family man not only wants to make his four children proud, but show how hard-working he is and willingness to graft.

Mr Arman grew up in Sudan and worked as a security CCTV operator for Coca Cola Ltd and United Trading Company during his time in Africa.

He came to the UK through asylum and received his British citizenship in a bid to offer a better life for his family.

However, for the last two years Mr Arman has been out of work and has found the jobseeking process a frustrating and lengthy battle.

“I really want to work, it makes me sick at the thought that I am not working. I don’t like it,” said Mr Arman, of St James’ Street, Hyde Park.

“I have always worked and provided for my family, they mean everything to me.

“I am working hard to find a job, I have found it quite difficult in Doncaster though. It has not been easy leaving Sudan and coming here but I knew I had to do it.

“I have been travelling to London for work but with my children here, I want to work in Doncaster.”

Mr Arman, who has experience in customer service, manual labour and working as a night porter, has been put forward to a borough-based manufacturing employer and is still on the job hunt using the internet and papers to help his search. He is also taking on an IT college course to heighten his range of skills.

He said: “I am confident of finding a job. It is the longest I have been without work and I hate it but I am still confident.

“I am hard-working, learn new skills quickly and can work in a team environment or on my own. I love to work hard.”

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