Easter rally to fight cutbacks

Demonstration outside Care UK, Doncaster.  Picture: Tony Saxton
Demonstration outside Care UK, Doncaster. Picture: Tony Saxton

Doncaster People’s Assembly has organised a ‘Doncaster Fighting Back’ march and rally for Easter Saturday.

Organisers say the rally, starting at 11am on April 19, promises to be the largest such event in the town centre for a number of years.

The march starts at Sir Nigel Gresley Square, Waterdale, and will go round the town centre and back to the civic quarter, with speeches at both the beginning and end of the march.

It is being held in support of the Care UK strikers, currently in dispute with their employer over reduced wages, but will also encompass other local disputes.

Mick Wattam, Doncaster People’s Assembly member, said: “We are bringing together people from a number of disputes both locally and regionally.

“We will be having speakers from a number of unions and community groups all currently running campaigns and fighting hard to achieve justice and fairness.

“The event will unite those campaigning against cuts to public services and jobs, such as local government workers, firefighters and public service users, and those defending their working conditions such as the Care UK strikers and Yorkshire Ambulance drivers.

“It is about fighting back against unscrupulous employers and campaigning against ideologically driven attacks from this Tory led coalition government.

“From carers to local government workers, teachers to railway workers, the message will be clear – we’re fighting back.”