Doncaster languishing in bottom 10 for recovery

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NEWS: News.

The economic gap between London and the rest of the UK is widening as places like Doncaster ‘punch below their weight’ research shows.

London has created 10 times more private sector jobs than any other city since 2010, analysis by the Centre for Cities found.

Doncaster features in the bottom 10, at 58 out of 63, in a table of private and public sector job creation, with 6,600 fewer jobs between 2010 and 2012.

The borough is also at the same position in a table of business stock, with only 213 businesses per 10,000 of population, a fall of 0.5 per cent.

And the table of average earnings puts Doncaster at 57th, with workers receiving £416 a week compared to the national average of £502. Doncaster is in the same place in the table of house prices, at £123,000.

But Doncaster business leaders say the town is ‘on the right track’.

Dan Fell, of Doncaster Chamber, said: “The report from Centre for Cities does not present any shocks and it is hardly surprising that conurbations such as London are recovering quicker than other parts of the country. Doncaster’s challenges are well documented, the important thing is that the borough is steadily and surely overcoming them.

“Turning an entire economy round takes many years and achieving this includes significant capital investment in tandem with softer interventions such as encouraging businesses to export, investing in skills and schools, fostering local supply chains, improving the affordability of houses and hundreds of other interventions.

“Doncaster is on the right track but it is important to acknowledge that improving the borough’s economic fortunes will take time.”