Council meets colliery chiefs over tip fears

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NEWS: News.

Town councillors at Stainforth say they have held ‘constructive’ talks with pit bosses about the moving spoilheap which has wrecked a nearby railway line.

Last month’s landslip on the tip at Hatfield Colliery has strengthened calls to move the spoil away from homes in Kirton Lane.

Arlene Abbott, Mayor of Stainforth Town Council, said yesterday: “We have had a couple of meetings which have been very constructive.

“We have made it clear we want the ‘black hills’ down and certain parts of the tip fenced off. We have laid our cards on the table and we have to be hopeful something will be done.

“We certainly won’t let this go but the ball’s in their court now. We’ll have to wait and see and I’ve told them I’ll be in touch every week.

“All of the council is behind it 100 per cent because we’re all concerned about the spoilheap.”

A spokesman for Hargreaves Services, which runs the colliery, said: “Since the landslip occurred earlier in February, Hatfield Colliery has been working closely with all parties, including Network Rail, civil engineering experts, government agencies and Doncaster Council, to address the issues brought about by this event.

“Now that the tip has stopped moving, the parties are working towards a solution to restore rail services. The colliery continues to work with Network Rail and provide all possible support.

“The colliery is meeting regularly with the Mayor of Stainforth and the Town Council in order to keep residents informed of progress and discuss any concerns they may have. The colliery has continued to operate throughout this period.”