Coming clean about chores

A RECENT poll conducted by an established firm has revealed surprising results - namely that some Doncaster men are happy to do their share of housework.

Domestic cleaning firm Molly Maid carried out the survey and, after questioning 1,000 local people, said 32 per cent of men included cleaning in their daily routines.

Furthermore, 58 per cent had particular priorities ranking the kitchen and bathroom as the most important rooms to keep clean. Almost a quarter likened their cleaning to the military precision of Boris Johnson’s electoral campaigns while one in five put their polishing prowess on a par with helpful husband and daytime TV presenter Philip Schofield. But it seems that male chauvinism might not be dead just yet, with 11 per cent preferring the Alan Sugar approach to home cleaning.

And when it comes to the female stereotype, they could be changing too as one in three women said they were more likely to put friends and family before cleaning. Half also said they were too busy with their children to worry about it.

Lynne Crewe, Molly Maid franchise owner in Doncaster said; “Life is so fast paced these days that cleaning is often bottom of our list of priorities but it doesn’t stop us being any less house-proud than we were in the past.”

“The fact that men in Doncaster like a clean home and more often than not take on half of the housework is not surprising as more and more households are owned by couples who both work full time. Sometimes it’s good to get a helping hand from professional cleaners to make life that bit easier and less stressful to make your home spotless.”