BREAKING: Blow for Doncaster power station scheme.


PLANS to develop a clean coal power station in Doncaster and a pipeline to the North Sea have suffered a major blow.

The Don Valley Carbon Capture and Storage project has been left off a Government list of projects on a shortlist for £1 billion of Government cash.

Lewis Gillies, chief executive of 2Co Energy, the company behind the project, said: “This is truly disappointing news for the Doncaster area where we would have built this plant and for our world class project team working to deliver it. We will complete the current phase of the project and meet the knowledge share obligations of our existing EEPR funding from the EU but we cannot take this project further without funding from the UK Government.

“In the meantime, we are trying to come to terms with how the UK’s most advanced project that has been selected for EU funding and is currently sitting as Europe’s top ranked project has not even made the UK’s shortlist.”

The scheme aims to build a power station next to Hatfield Colliery, in Stainforth, remove the carbon dioxide, and pump it into disused oil wells under the North Sea.

Four bidders have been short listed for the next phase of the UK’s £1 billion Carbon Capture and Storage competition.