Becky helps you dress to impress

A BUSY mum turned businesswoman has moved her fancy dress venture to bigger premises just 18 months after it opened.

Becky Keene says the more prominent site has attracted growing numbers of fun-loving customers in search of assorted costumes and she hopes to branch out into online orders soon.

The idea of a fancy dress shop was prompted when Becky was searching for an 80s outfit to attend a friend’s party and struggled to find much choice locally.

Becky explained: “I know people can use ebay but they might end up with something they don’t like or that doesn’t fit and then have to go out looking at the last minute. I think seeing the quality and trying things on are important and I saw an opening for that in Doncaster.”

Her business, Fantazy Dress, is now based at ground level on 3-5 Church Street in Armthorpe opposite the Post Office after moving from upstairs premises on the same street.

“It’s a much bigger space which means I can carry a lot more stock as well as accessories which I just didn’t used to have the room for. It’s also got windows which is brilliant because I can obviously display things now and there are six large fitting rooms.

“People have actually been coming in and saying how nice it is to have a fancy dress shop in Armthorpe so a lot of them must not have known I was here,” she added.

Becky more recently extended her service to offer children’s costumes and can also cater for school activities connected with the curriculum such as Victorian and Viking themes.

Fantazy Dress stocks a variety of costumes for sale or hire and Becky, 32, can usually track down most things requested. Currently topping the popularity stakes are TV and film characters including favourites such as The Flintstones and Scooby Doo. “It is a lovely job because people are usually planning a nice event and are in a happy mood - and you can’t help but smile at the costumes,” she added.

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