£1M cash boost for Crowle Market

Crowle market is in need of some advertising to get more people to come to the market. Picture: Andrew Roe
Crowle market is in need of some advertising to get more people to come to the market. Picture: Andrew Roe

A BRAND new look for Crowle Market Place will result from almost a million pounds’ investment by North Lincolnshire Council.

Work is due to start this summer on phase two of the long-awaited development of the market, that is to be ‘re-schemed’ to blend with plans for the new Co-operative store in the town.

The budget for the project was approved by the council for the third time this year, and will include new paving and the installation of public toilets, that members of Crowle 
Town Council have long campaigned for.

Crowle Market Place redevelopment is a massive project that has already seen the area gain a central fountain, seating and parking space in 2010. A new access road helped transform the market place in to a pedestrian area.

Last year, market traders struggled to attract new business but ended the year on a high note with a big Victorian Christmas market. The number of high quality stalls has now increased and markets continue on the second Saturdays of each month, from 9am to 2pm.

A new bistro is part of the next phase of development, with business lets and apartments.

Paul McCartan, deputy mayor of Crowle and Ealand Town Council said that a long delay in action on the scheme since 2010 had caused people to lose faith.

He said: “I do have concern about what will materialise as allocations for this work have been included in previous budgets.

“Along with the bistro, new business outlets at very reasonable rates would bring people in to the town centre. To date it has been a bit piecemeal.

“I would like to see a set timetable of when work will take place. I’m unclear over whether this is new money or what has been previously allocated.”

When the whole project kicked off in 2010, with the acquisition of land, North Lincolnshire Councillor John Briggs of Axholme North said he hoped it would “trigger further private sector investment in the town.”

Welcoming Lincolnshire Co-op and the 14 jobs associated with its opening, he added that he hoped the new store would lead to “empty shops coming back in to use and further new premises created.”