Burglar grabbed face of elderly woman in Doncaster raid

Thellusson Avenue
Thellusson Avenue

A burglar grabbed the face of an elderly woman during a raid of her home in Doncaster.

Two masked men forced their way into an elderly couple's house in Thellusson Avenue, Scawsby, at around 9.50pm on Tuesday.

One of the raider grabbed the woman by her face while the other went upstairs and searched the house.

South Yorkshire Police said the woman, who was in her 80s, was not injured during the incident but was left 'very shaken'.

The burglars stole jewellery and broke into a keysafe outside the property.

Both men were white and wore dark clothing, and one is believed to have spoken to the other in a foreign language.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Police in Doncaster are appealing for witnesses to come forward following the reported burglary of an elderly couple’s home in Scawsby.

"At around 9.50pm on Tuesday, it is reported that two men with their faces covered forced entry to a property in Thellusson Avenue, Scawsby.

"The occupants, a couple in their 80s, were awake and at home when the suspects entered.

"One of the men is alleged to have grabbed the elderly woman by the face. She was not injured but left very shaken by the incident.

"The second man is reported to have been upstairs in the property before they both out the back door.

"The occupants discovered their house had been searched and jewellery is believed to have been taken.

"Outside the property, a key safe had also been broken into.

"Did you hear or see any suspicious activity in that area on Tuesday night?"

Call South Yorkshire Police on 101.