Brits are losing 4 nights worth of sleep each month with poor sleeping habits

Recent research has revealed that UK workers are missing out on a full night's worth of sleep each week, inevitably affecting their productivity levels in the morning.

Friday, 1st March 2019, 11:26 am
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 11:27 am
Poor sleeping habits

The study, conducted by 247 Blinds, found that British workers get an average of six hours sleep every night, two hours less than the recommended average of eight hours.

A number a health issues** have been scientifically linked to sleep deprivation, such as a weakened immune system, lack of concentration, mood changes and memory issues. 

Poor sleeping habits

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In order to understand how lack of sleep is affecting Brits in the morning, 247 Blinds looked to find out which basic tasks UK workers are unable to fit into their morning routines. The top five tasks were found to be:

·  Eating breakfast (37%)

·  Domestic tasks such as washing dishes and tidying up (36%)

·  Exercising (35%)

·  Having a shower (27%)

·  Enjoying a hot drink (27%)

Many Brits blamed their daily struggle with getting out of bed in the morning on not getting a good night's sleep (45%), the cold weather (42%), being too comfortable in bed (42%) and going to bed too late (40%).

To help inspire workers across the UK to change up their morning routine and feel more prepared for the day ahead, 247 Blinds worked with a range of experts to pull together a ‘perfect morning routine’.

Start with a good night’s sleep

Sleep experts at Room to Sleep recommend that you take some time each evening to relax and unwind by letting go of your concerns in the hour leading up to bedtime. Try having a hot bubble bath, practising mindfulness or reading a book to calm your mind.

6:30am - Squeeze in some ‘me time’

Hope Bastine, psychologist at Fresh Perception suggests giving yourself some ‘me time’ each morning by getting up a little earlier so that you can squeeze in some time to drink your coffee, do a few stretches or practice meditation.

6:45am - Blow off the cobwebs with a short walk

Personal trainer, Mollie Millington, believes exercise is essential in helping with productivity. If you’re not used to exercising so early, start by setting simple fitness goals and embrace the fresh air by going on a short walk each morning.

7:15am - Fuel your body with nutritious food

Nutrition plays a key role in helping us to feel motivated for the day ahead. Dr Joyce Ameh, GP at Push Doctor, explains that foods such as oats and cereals replenish and nourish your body and will rev up your metabolic rate. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to aid concentration and bear in mind that coffee and tea contain caffeine which can make dehydration worse.

7:30am - Prepare for the day ahead

Allow yourself some time to properly prepare for the day. Whether that’s by making a to-do list, reading through your work emails or writing down a few quick notes for a project you’re working on, being organised will help you to tackle whatever the day might throw at you.

7:45am - 8:00am - Gearing up for the day

Try to get to work a little earlier and give yourself some time to settle down at your desk, make a hot drink and enjoy some quiet time before the office fills up. This is often the most productive time of the day so make the most of it!

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