Bringing the bling into your pocket or purse

Katie Laws has launched bling businesss making customised items including phone cases, shoes, decorations, coffee cups. Picture: Marie Caley D5587MC
Katie Laws has launched bling businesss making customised items including phone cases, shoes, decorations, coffee cups. Picture: Marie Caley D5587MC

Entrepreneur Katie Laws loves nothing more than bringing a little bit of a sparkle into people’s life.

So much so that the 31-year-old is now affectionately known as the bling woman after her bedazzled custom creations became the talk of the town.

Katie, who started covering everything from phone cases to photo frames in colourful gems as a hobby, has now seen demand rocket.

Her Bling by Katie Facebook site - set up by a fan of her work - has thousands of fans all eager to get their hands on a bespoke bedazzled item.

And Katie’s creations have even attracted the attention of a few familiar faces.

X-Factor star Amy Mottram, who appeared on the talent show last year, and Former Aston Villa star Shaun Teale’s wife Carol are both proud owners of Katie’s creations.

Katie, of Harworth, says: “I wouldn’t really say it’s a business, it’s more of a hobby really. I don’t like taking too much money from people so I only really charge them what it costs to make, as long as I have enough money to buy more gems I’m happy.

“It would be nice if it really took off though.

“I just love doing it so much. Even when I go away for the weekend to visit my sister in London I have to take my beads with me, if I don’t do it every night I miss it.

“Everyone now knows me as the bling woman.”

And it’s not just phone cases Katie was commissioned to create. A jewelled pair of heels for the St Leger race meeting took eight painstaking hours to create.

But perhaps the most unusual request Katie has had is blinged out light switches for every room in a customer’s house.

She adds: “It was a bit of a strange one but I bet they looked good in the house.”

Christening booties, children’s trainers and even Christmas decorations are also given a jewell encrusted make-over by Katie.

Katie, who juggles her passion for all things bling with looking after her two-year-old son Alfie, and working in telesales discovered her talent quite by chance.

After taking a nail technician course she was left with spare nail gems.

“I decided to stick them on my own phone case and then it just spiralled from there, she says.

“My friends saw it and started asking for things and then I found myself doing something every night.

So Katie was thrilled when she found out that X-Factor star Amy was desperate to get her hands on a case.

“She tweeted me saying she loved the phone cases and wanted one,” Katie says.

“It was a great feeling. I really want to send some other celebrities my things, I would love to send Katie Price the shoes, I can just imagine her wearing them, I think they’re just her kind of style.”

And fortunately for the rest of us Katie’s hand made works of art don’t come with a celebrity price tag with phone cases costing just £20.

Speaking about the custom creations she says: “I like to find out as much as I can abut people and their personality, what colours they like so I can make them something that’s really personal to them.”

And does Katie ever think she’ll tire of the painstaking task of blinging things out?

“Never, I love it so much,” she adds.

“Sometimes I just sit looking round the house and think what can I bling next. I did my glasses case the other day just because I wanted something to do, I’ve done mugs and all sorts.

“Alfie loves it when I show him the pieces I’ve made he just says wow.”

Katie sells items via her Facebook page and takes requests for bespoke pieces. To find out more about Bling by Katie visit the Facebook site at