Bring music to Doncaster

Askern Music Festival
Askern Music Festival

Don’t you think it’s time to have Music in the Park as they do in Sheffield. Doncaster has large parks which could accommodate bands, people and cars to the event.

We need to move forward. This town is so boring. People like to picnic, have music and enjoy an evening in the sun interacting together at a good musical event or several musical events in one week. Plus we have so many water areas in this town isn’t it about time some of those are used for sporting activities full time, instead of birds? We could have boating, an outdoor swimming area cordoned off for safety but available to all.

The trouble with this town is there is no sense of adventure. There are too many old fashioned do-nothing councillors who have no imagination to introduce or move events forward. It’s about time Doncaster dragged itself into the 21st century and provided its rate payers with something other then Cast, Dome, the racecourse and the market, which is OK, but if you are on a low income surely there are greater and cheaper events to attend. Let’s all mix together and push for a brighter more active future, open up Doncaster, change the team who are snug in their ivory tower at the council.

We need new blood on the council, and to move all the old staid people who live in the past out of the way. Togetherness, hard work, and social engagement should be the objective.

Barbara Bell

by email